When latency matters, RTMP still reigns supreme

If you operate a business with latency-sensitive live streaming as a key component, then you’ll already know that RTMP is still the king of ‘real-time’ live streaming. What do we mean by “latency-sensitive”? Essentially, if your business demands the smallest possible delay between the real-world event which is being filmed by your camera source and the stream which is landing on your customer’s device, then you’re operating in a latency-sensitive live streaming environment.

Some of our existing enterprise CDN customers are able to achieve such low latency that they’re measuring it in milliseconds. And with nodeboost.io you’ll have access to the exact same streaming technologies, at a fraction of the price 🙂

We’ll be launching nodeboost.io with full RTMP to multi-bitrate HLS support, as well as stream DRM protection via API auth.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to the nodeboost.io home page and put email address down to join the beta release of our Linode CDN. We’re on schedule for launch around beginning of next month. You can also follow @nodeboost.io on Twitter for regular updates.

We’ll see you soon!