We’re out of beta, and with a new selection of Nodeboost plans!

Today we’re excited to announce the end of the Nodeboost beta period, and our entry into full production mode. We would like to give a very warm thank you to all our beta users who provided such valuable feedback over the past few months. Your feedback has been instrumental to Nodeboost’s ongoing evolution and improvement.

Additionally, we are now providing a broader selection of Nodeboost plans for our customers, all with a free 15 day trial period. You can view the list of plans in the Pricing section of the Nodeboost website.

New Nodeboost Plans: Starter, Pro, Enterprise
New Nodeboost Plans: Starter, Pro, Enterprise

If you have some specific needs which you don’t see in our list of available plans then please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are more than happy to discuss your needs and create a custom plan for you.

For existing Nodeboost beta users who are currently subscribed to the $7/month Starter (Legacy) plan, you will continue to have access to the $0.02/GB bandwidth price going forward (just one of the perks of being a beta user ;)). However, please note that if you decide to change your Nodeboost plan in the future by upgrading to the Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plan, then you will no longer be able to downgrade back to the Legacy plan.

We have some more exciting updates coming in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned, and thank you for your continued support.

Your Linode CDN is coming soon. Join the nodeboost.io beta!

Over the years there have been many rumours, rumblings, and rants about the need for a Linode CDN. Well, after spending a few years in the enterprise content delivery space we came to the conclusion that we might as well do it ourselves. So we did, and nodeboost.io is our gift to you. nodeboost.io is a high performance CDN powered by Linode’s awesome SSD servers and trusted network partners.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re rolling out in the coming weeks:

  • Linode powered edge servers
  • HTTP/2 ready
  • Instant cache purge
  • Free shared SSL and certificate hosting
  • Low latency live streaming and VOD
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • Unlimited domains
  • RTMP to multi-bitrate HLS
  • DRM protection via API auth
  • Hotlink whitelists
  • Customizable cache paths
  • Customizable path lifetimes
  • Unlimited origins
  • Detailed reports

Head over to the nodeboost.io home page to sign up for the beta. We’ll see you soon 🙂