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What is nodeboost.io?
It's the Linode CDN you've all be waiting for, powered by Linode's high performance SSD servers.
What is your SLA?
99.9%. You can check our full SLA here.
Does nodeboost.io provide real-time transcoding?
Indeed it does! By default RTMP live streams are available over RTMP and HLS. If you need a multi-bitrate output just contact support and they'll set it up for you for an additional charge.
Does nodeboost.io support live streaming?
Absolutely! Not only that, it supports RTMP pull/push and live HLS transcoding. We can also configure a multi-bitrate HLS output for you. Just contact support about it.
What happens at the end of my trial period?
You'll be asked to subscribe to one of our Nodeboost plans and then you can load your account with bandwidth credits.
Do you have an API?
Yes, please check the API section of the nodeboost.io Knowledge Base